Time for Homework

IMG_4048I overhear my daughter, 5 years old and weighing 40 pounds right after a big bowl of pasta, and eldest son, 13 years old and nearly 100lbs, in her room. I sent him in there to tell her that she needs to do her homework.

Luc, “Ow! Ow! Stop it! You have to do your homework!”

Annabelle, “I’ll stop once you say that you’ll do my homework for me.”


Little Girls’ Thoughts on Marriage

IMG_4326I overhear Annabelle and her friend Emily playing with their toy horses in the living room.

Emily, “Should I get married or die?”

Annabelle, “Hmmm.. I guess get married.”

Mowing the Lawn

As I pull up to the house in our car I notice my 13yo Luc is mowing the lawn. I say, “Wow, Luc’s mowing the lawn.” Just then he looks up and waves at us. Annabelle says, “Yeah, and he’s not even crying.”

Farm Camp

Me, “Annabelle, what did you learn at the farm today?”
Her, screwing her face, “Well, animals’ poop? It’s actually called manure.”

It’s Hot Out

Max notices outdoor temperature on my dashboard computer and says, “Oh my god, 95 degrees? Why is the sun so angry?”

How Old ARE You?

200Max, 7 years old, working on a biography of Orville Wright. He says, “Dad, Orville was born in 1846. So how old were you when he was born?”

When I Grow Up

 0975 year old Annabelle, “Mom, do I have to be married to have a child? Max says I have to be married.”

Me, “Well, it’s probably a good idea.”

Annabelle, “Why?”

Me, “You want the child to have a mom AND dad, right?”

Annabelle, pouting, “Yeah. But then you have to kiss the man. I don’t want to kiss him.”

Me, trying to hasten bedtime, “Ok honey. You do whatever you like.”

Annabelle smiling again, “Yay! I want a child and a dog. Can I have a dog? ‘Cause I really want a dog.”