1014 year old Annabelle asks 7 year old brother, “Max, can you make me a stand?”

Max answers, “For what? Are you making a lemonade stand? You don’t know how to make lemonade.”

Annabelle, Exasperated,  “I know. I’m not making lemonade! I’m making banana smoothies.”


5 responses to “Entrepreneur

  1. So cute. My kids keep begging me to let them do a lemonade stand too.

  2. Loved this! Annabelle is right to make banana smoothies rather than lemonade. She can charge more for them.

  3. Tell that daughter of yours that if I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll give her some business!

  4. Go Annabelle. Tell her she has some ready and waiting customers to buy (and drink) her smoothies!

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