What Kind of Doctor Are You?

001 7 year old Max gets hurt and wants mom (who is unavailable) to bandage his boo-boo. Dad (a PhD) says, “I can do this Max, I’m a doctor!”

Max replies, “You’re a genius doctor, not a hospital one.”


8 responses to “What Kind of Doctor Are You?

  1. Oh, so cute, Claudine. A genius doctor SHOULD be a hospital one, after all, shouldn’t it? 🙂

  2. reminds me of the quote about the Ph.D. mom and the M.D. dad whose child says to the Ph.D., “But Daddy actually HELPS people.”

  3. Funny! I have a Ph.D. too and sometimes introduce myself as a doctor. Hope the bandaging went okay…

  4. My grandmother doesn’t have a PhD, but her father and all of her brothers were MDs so she just goes ahead and calls herself a doctor. She knows nearly as much!

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