Where is God?

 030Annabelle, 4 years old, and Max, 7 years old, talking about where God is on the way home from school. Annabelle asks, “Where does God live? I know she makes everything like plants, trees, and animals but I don’t know where she lives.”

Max, “She lives up in the sky over the clouds.”

Annabelle, “But we fly in planes all the time and I don’t see her there.”

Max, “And God doesn’t make the plants and trees. THAT’S mother nature. She lives in the clouds too.”

Annabelle, “So how come we never see them?”

Max, “Oh.. well, it’s about 5 clouds over Mexico. That’s why.”


3 responses to “Where is God?

  1. Stephanie - Wasabimon

    This is seriously the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  2. You gotta love how pure and sweet kids’ thought processes are.

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