Age is Mind Over Matter

014 At dinner 7-year-old Max asks, “Mom, what year were you born?”

I reply, “67.”

Max, “1967?”

Me smiling,  “Yes, Max.”

Max, “Good thing it wasn’t 1867. Then you’d be as old as Dad.”


Taking Christmas Photos

While preparing to take our Christmas card photo I told the kids I wanted to look around for good spots in the yard. The younger two, Annabelle and Max, decided to pose in different areas for me.






We decided this spot was too sunny.

It’s Kind of a Crazy Story

016 5 year old Annabelle, “Mama, we have a new girl in our class.”

Me, “Oh really? What’s she like?”

Annabelle, “Well, her name is Sarah. She has long hair. She’s very nice. She just moved here from Florida.I like her.”

Me, “Oh that’s great. I’m glad you told me though. I’ll need 22 crafts Friday for your class instead of 21.”

Annabelle, “Mama?”

Me, “Yes?”

Annabelle, “Umm.. actually.. we don’t have a new girl. I made it all up.”

A Letter to Santa

009 Max was jealous that his sister Annabelle wanted her eldest brother Luc to read to her. Max grumbled, “I don’t think she loves me anymore.”

Me, “She does honey. But Luc never gets to be with her. You’re always with her. So may he feels jealous of you sometimes.”

Max, “Hmmm… that’s true. Maybe I’ll ask Santa for another sister. Then I can have Annabelle to myself and Luc can have that other one.”


015On Thanksgiving morning I say to Max, “Let’s get dressed honey. We’re going over to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner now.” Max excitedly answers, “Ok Mom! And this time? I’m wearing underwear!”

The Many Colors in a Crayola Jumbo Pack

030 Annabelle, 4, coloring and asks  her brother Max, 7, what color the crayon is. “Is this brown?” Max says, “Let me see it” and reads the side of the crayon. He says, “Oh. This is moron.” She asks, “Moron?” He repeats, “Yes, it’s moron.” Curious I raise my eyes from my computer and ask to see the crayon.

It’s Maroon.

Never Tell A Lie

042 Annabelle comes to me quietly giggling and whispers, “Mama, I just ate all of Daddy’s chocolates.”

Me, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell him it was you. I’ll tell him a squirrel did it.”

Her, “No no no, don’t lie. Just shrug your shoulders like this…”